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Click on the pictures below to download the latest manual for your device:

LP2 User Manual

Control applications:

For MacOS: LPMIDIControlInstall.dmg

For Windows via web: LooperControl

Python app for Windows is here: lpmidimon.exe

Python app for MacOS: LPMIDIControlInstall.dmg

Python app source code: lpmidimon

Firmware for devices:

The latest GenA firmware is available here: lp1a_v3_03.bin

The latest GenB firmware is available here: lp1b_v3_03.bin

The latest LP2 firmware is available here: lp2d_v3_03.syx

Channel changing MIDI Sysex files:

Noise gate changing MIDI Sysex files:

MIDI clock sysex files:

LP2 display changing MIDI Sysex files:

LED brightness changing MIDI Sysex files:

Firmware to upgrade GenA v1.x firmware to v2.62: v1tov262.bin

Firmware to upgrade GenA v1.x firmware to v2.22: v1tov2.bin

Click here to view release notes for the LP1 firmware.

Click here to reach the LP1 video manual.

Click here to request new features in the LP1 software.

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