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Version 2_67: GenA firmware genA_v2_67.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_67.bin​ : LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_67b.syx

  1. Added dual mono mode for LP1 allowing stereo inputs to be 2 mono inputs.
  2. Support for new MIDI monitor application which is able to program the note, program change and control change buttons.
  3. Support for APC mini and LaunchPad mini as status output devices.
  4. LP2 effect buttons: next track held for a long press will do a previous track.  Previous track held for a long press will do a next track.
  5. LP2: midi map is now configurable with the latest LP MIDI Monitor application
  6. Latest MIDI monitor appication can save LP1 or LP2 configuration to a file.

Version 2_65: LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_65.syx

  1. Added LP1 bounce commands to LP2.
  2. Added MIDI CC to control bounce destination track.

Version 2_64: GenA firmware genA_v2_64.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_64.bin​ : LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_64.syx

  1. Fixed next track and prev track on LP2 to rollover at 4 tracks.
  2. Added new display type.  Top status button indicates track number (1=blue, 2=cyan, 3=purple, 4=yellow).  Bottom status button indicates track status for current track.

Version 2_63: GenA firmware genA_v2_63.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_63.bin​ : LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_63.syx

  1. Play retrigger and play with all loops stopped will immediately start and realign MIDI sync tracks.
  2. Able to adjust beats per bar via sys ex message.
  3. Autoload of tracks at startup limited to 31 seconds per track.
  4. MIDI clock out turned off if clock source track is a MIDI sync track.

Version 2_62: GenA firmware genA_v2_62.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_62.bin​ : LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_62B.syx

  1. Eliminate crashes caused by excessively long loops
  2. Added MIDI sysex control of LP2 LED brightness
  3. Added MIDI sysex control of MIDI clock in and out for LP2
  4. Added MIDI sysex control of LP2 effect button configuration
  5. Mapped "All Tracks" to LP2 MIDI note 2
  6. Mapped "Except Track" to LP2 MIDI note 96

Version 2_59: LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_59.syx

  1. Allow changing noise gate level via MIDI sysex

Version 2_58: LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_58.syx

  1. On LP2, MIDI clock out rate follows switch to other track's timing

  2. Retrigger One and Retrigger Random mapped to MIDI notes

  3. LP2 switch mapped to MIDI note

  4. MIDI start based on current track

  5. Long press Rec/Dub erases tracks 1-4

  6. Fix stretch crash for longer loops

Version 2_57: LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_57.syx

  1. Fix bug in song select mode
  2. Limit stretch to only working on tracks less than or equal to 30 seconds long

Version 2_56: LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_56.syx

  1. Makes stretch work for LP2
  2. Adds MIDI start and stop output functionality

Version 2_55: LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_55.syx

  1. Fixes for LP2 switch function
  2. Support for changing MIDI channel in LP2

Version 2_52: GenA firmware genA_v2_52.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_52.bin​ : LP2 GenD firmware genD_lp2_v2_52.syx

  1. First official release of LP2 firmware
  2. Fix for pan CC
  3. MIDI upgrade support added
  4. Drum machine feature added
  5. Support for monophonic AUX outputs

Version 2_49: GenA firmware genA_v2_49.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_49.bin​

  1. GenB: improved save and load performance
  2. Bug fix in load audio
  3. Removed word "master".

Version 2_48: GenA firmware genA_v2_48.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_48.bin​

  1. GenB: added save and load of individual tracks.
  2. Minor bug fix in retrigger

Version X_01: GenA firmware genA_vX_01.bin : GenB firmware genB_vX_01.bin​

  1. Improved crossfade in MIDI sync tracks

Version 2.46: GenB firmware genB_v2_46.bin​

  1. Additional MIDI updates.

Version 2.45: GenB firmware genB_v2_45.bin​

  1. Additional MIDI updates.

Version 2.43: GenA firmware genA_v2_43.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_43.bin​

  1. Octave pitch up using stretch and speed up
  2. REDO
  3. Q MIDI sync record twice in a row leaves track in overdub after record finishes.
  4. More MIDI information available

Version 2.42: GenA firmware genA_v2_42.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_42.bin​

  1. MIDI clock sync much more tolerant of jittery clock
  2. New ways to specify quantization value
  3. Random restart track function
  4. CC de-jitter main menu item
  5. Q MIDI Sync Rec

Version 2.37: GenB firmware genB_v2_37.bin​

  1. MIDI clock sync changed slightly.

Version 2.36: GenB firmware genB_v2_36.bin​

  1. New advanced track display.  More details to follow.

  2. MIDI clock sync changed slightly.

Version 2.35: GenA firmware genA_v2_35.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_35.bin​

  1. Support for asynchronous switched song sections.

    1. If there is no master track or master track set to the track that will be recorded, then Switch Record will record an async track.​

    2. Switch Record is also able to stop recording the previous section and create a new section on the currently selected track.

    3. Switch Play also can now end a Switch Record of a different track.

  2. For sync switching, the default is to switch on the end of the section track.  The main menu now has an option to change that behavior to switching on the end of ​the master track.  For most people, the default behavior will feel more natural.

Version 2.31: GenA firmware genA_v2_31.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_31.bin

  1. Changes to fade in and fade out on record and play.  Difference is likely not noticeable in most circumstances, but the new method is overall better.

  2. Feedback changes are made more gently.  Eliminates click noise from rapid feedback changes.

  3. Reverse can be used during overdub.  It actually stops overdub, reverses direction, starts overdub again.

  4. Rewrite of Switch Play and Switch Record.

    1. Track synchronization changes to keep switched tracks in sync with the master.​

    2. Split Switch Play into two different commands:

      1. SwitchPlay+Mstr will start the selected track on the switch and the master track.​

      2. SwitchPlay will only start the selected track, but not change the status of the master track.

  5. Compressed status messages sent to the control application.  Reduces the load on the network stack in the LP1.​​

Version 2.28: GenA firmware genA_v2_28.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_28.bin

  1. Fixed bug in sync record when recording over previously recorded track.

  2. Fixed bug when restarting synchronized tracks after all stopped.

Version 2.27: GenA firmware genA_v2_27.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_27.bin

  1. Added stretch/shrink to generate new track that is longer or shorter without  changes in pitch.

    1. From track menu, select "Shrink to 50%" to double tempo, but no pitch change.​

    2. From track menu, select "Stretch to 200%" to halve tempo, but no pitch change.

    3. From track menu, select "Stretch" then use dial to select new loop length followed by ENTER to start the stretch.

    4. "Shrink to 50%" and "Stretch to 200%" can be assigned to MIDI or USER buttons.

  2. Minor bug fixes in Copy and Erase.​

  3. Gen B changed to save uploaded audio to flash storage.

Version 2.26: GenA firmware genA_v2_26.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_26.bin

  1. Fixed bug in network control of volume

  2. Fixed bug in network upload of audio

Version 2.25: GenA firmware genA_v2_25.bin : GenB firmware genB_v2_25.bin

  1. Temporary groups through long press of track button on front panel

  2. Separate volume setting for auxiliary out

  3. Half-speed record

  4. Better audio handling at end of sync record

  5. Improvements to DHCP support

  6. Replace fixed to end replaces

  7. All stop fixed to stop tracks waiting to be triggered

  8. MIDI and audio test features for factory testing

Version 2.22: GenA firmware genA_v2_22.bin

  1. Bug fixes

  2. Improved reverse and replace fade ins and outs.

  3. Beginnings of song section switching functionality.  Very basic design assumes a single master track and multiple switchable tracks.

    1. New main menu option to specify which tracks are switched sections.

    2. New SWITCH REC which records a track synchronized with the master track.  All other switched sections are ended at the next synchronized switch point.  Recording begins when switched tracks are stopped.

    3. New SWITCH PLAY which starts a stopped track.  Switch behavior is similar to what is described in SWITCH REC.

Version 2.16:

  1. Bug fixes for people using CUE for synchronized tracks

  2. Bug fixes for noise gate and expression pedal slow down

  3. Long press of PLAY/STOP does STOP NOW.

  4. Long press of REC/DUB does ERASE TRACK

  5. Long press time shortened

  6. PLAY/STOP button is delayed play/stop like version 1 software

Version 2.15:

  1. Bug fixes for all reported issues.

  2. Undo can undo scramble, overdub, replace and multiply

  3. Undo is limited by available audio memory.  Shorter loops can have more undos.

  4. Undo is only kept for loops shorter than approximately 30 seconds.

  5. If memory is needed for new track or another undo, the deepest available undo is freed.

  6. Redo is currently not available, but is planned to be in a future release.

Version 2.14:

  1. Fixes for bounce, reverse, cue, sync issues with master track.

  2. Long hold of track button will put you into a selection mode to create a temporary group on the fly.  You can select any combination of tracks by pressing track buttons.  Selection mode is exited with the ENTER button and will remember the selection until the next track button is pressed.

Version 2.13:

  1. Fixes sync record for tracks longer than master.

  2. Fixes crash caused by erase command.

  3. Fixes v2 upgrade procedure which was broken by flash changes in 2.12.

Version 2.12:

  1. Eliminate places where code can lock-up.

  2. Place new tracks created from PLAY/STOP button in play instead of stopped.

  3. When ending sync record, allow additional commands on other tracks while waiting for record to complete.

  4. Erasing master track will allow next recorded track to be master automatically.

  5. Eliminated bug that caused crash.

  6. While waiting for sync record to complete, change flashing to RED/GREEN alternating flash.

  7. Configuration save done in background.

Version 2.11:

  1. Overdub fixed.

  2. Set as master fixed.

  3. Half-speed fixed.

Version 2.10:

  1. Link-local auto IP support if no DHCP server and manual configuration not set.

  2. Upgrade bug fix.  Fixes issues with upgrading v2 to another v2 version.

  3. MIDI sync support

  4. Audio download/upload via TFTP

  5. Additional other bug fixes

  6. Upgrade kit includes fixed LP1Ctrl.jar that works if computer has multiple network interfaces.

Version 2.07:

  1. Upgrading v1 to v2 now translates level presets

  2. Assigning CC (pedal/knob) MIDI inputs now includes calibration steps.

Version 2.06:

  1. Auxiliary outputs fixed.  Previously no audio came out.

Version 2.05:

  1. Multiply from the track menu no longer crashes the LP1.

  2. MIDI note on messages can be used to trigger LP1 functions.

Known issues still remaining:

  1. Momentary functions unavailable.

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