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Looperlative is moving forward with new software and new software updates.  These new releases make up the new v3.xx line of software for Looperlative.  This will cover current and new devices to come.  This software is now available for early release on this page.  To take advantage of all of the new control application features, you will need to upgrade your LP1 and/or LP2 firmware as well.

LP1 GenA firmware: lp1a_v3_00.bin

LP1 GenB firmware: lp1b_v3_00.bin

LP1 GenB firmware: lp1b_v3_00.syx

LP2 GenD firmware: lp2d_v3_02.syx


For MacOS: LPMIDIControlInstall.dmg

For Windows via web: LooperControl

New manuals are not yet available.

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