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Looperlative LP2 GenD

Now truly a mini-LP1

The LP2 introduced as a unique live-looping foot pedal is getting an all new internal design.  The fourth generation of this product is now the most powerful looper of its lineage.  Based on the LP1 GenB, the LP2 GenD packs two stereo tracks into the foot pedal design and is based on the LP1 GenB hardware and software.  The new LP2 retains the unique features of the original LP2, but by adding a MIDI controller, you can access LP1 software features that are packed into this compact unit.

The new LP2 offers these features and more:

  • Stereo input and output

  • Two stereo looping tracks

  • Input compatible with passive instruments

  • Expression pedal input to control feedback

  • MIDI clock in and out

  • MIDI control of advanced features

  • 24-bit audio interface and 32-bit internal processing

  • Internal pots to adjust input attenuation and output gain.

  • Alternative mode available that changes top two choices for effects buttons to allow switching between two tracks

  • Software upgrades via MIDI sysex files to gain new features in the future as they become available.

  • Approximate dimensions: 11"x6"x2.5" (279mm x 152mm x 63mm).

This powerful new pedal is available for less than half the price of the LP1 that it is derived from.  The new LP2 is available for $400 containing many many features.  Please take a look at the manual for a complete list of what the unit is capable of doing.

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